Stone Walls in Stamford, CT

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Is your property in Stamford lacking sophistication? Would you like to add a little more privacy or security?

Let the team at Rizzo Landscaping create a beautiful, durable stone wall for you!



The earliest human settlements have remains of stone walls. Why? They are an incredibly durable, low-maintenance solution to provide security and privacy to your property. And they look great too! As stone walls are the sum of all the individual stones, you can create an entirely custom option tailored to your needs. Choose from a wide variety of stone types, in seemingly an endless amount of heights and thicknesses. This may be to keep out (or in) animals, or to provide extra privacy from the street or neighbors. In addition to function, stone walls also add great aesthetic appeal to your home. They add a dynamic sophistication to your property, that will last for decades to come. If you would like to sell in the future, stone walls also add value to the property.



If you’re ready to get started on your stone wall project, or simply would like to hear more about our services, you’re in the right place. Following the initial contact, we’ll meet with you to determine exactly the needs of the project – including timeline, budget, style and functional requirements. When we get these planning steps out of the way, we will begin the construction process. During this phase our goal is to disrupt your property as little as possible. This also means working as efficiently as possible, arriving on time and in a completely professional manner. When we complete the project, an expert from the team will walk you through the details, to ensure each element is according to your liking.


Rizzo Masonry and Landscaping provides a complete range of services addressing every facet of stone wall construction for residential and commercial clients throughout Stamford, CT.

Whether you have a special plan in mind or would like us to design one for you, why not take the first step towards a great project experience by getting in touch with us today? We’re available by phone at 203-644-0316 to answer any questions you may have about our services. If you would like to arrange for a complimentary consultation and estimate for creating stone walls in Stamford a reality, please click the button below to provide use with some more information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.