Stone Walls in Norwalk, CT

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Love the idea of a dynamic stone wall on your property?

Here at Rizzo Masonry & Landscaping, we're the professional experts in building stone walls in Norwalk. With decades of experience, we've proudly cultivated long lasting relationships with clients and suppliers throughout Connecticut.



Stone walls are a great addition to any home. This time-tested building method is incredibly durable, able to stand up to all types of weather and wear for generations with little maintenance. In addition to it's sturdiness, stone walls offer great aesthetic appeal. You can completely customize your stone wall - depending on stones, size and shape. If you are looking for enhanced privacy, opt for a taller wall, or simply add a taller fence on top of the stone wall. Stone walls are also great options to improve your home's value. Whether you want just a small stone wall in the front yard to enhance curb appeal or a border around your entire property - a stone wall is an ideal way to go!



Stone wall construction is a delicate process, that requires the skill and expertise to get the job done right. We begin the project process with an initial consultation. During this step, we will meet with you to understand your project needs and specific limitations, such as budget, timeline and space. Here we help you choose the stone style, size and shape. Once the design plan has been completed, we begin the construction process. Our goal is to minimize the disruption to your daily life as much as possible. This means being available for you if you have any questions or concerns. As well, we ensure your property is kept clean and tidy, we arrive on time and keep noise levels as low as possible. Following completion, a member of our team will walk you through the final product to ensure it meets quality standards.


Rizzo Masonry and Landscaping provides a complete range of services addressing every facet of stone wall construction for residential and commercial clients throughout Norwalk, CT.

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