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The team at Rizzo Masonry & Landscaping has been proudly designing and building stunning stone walls in Fairfield, CT and beyond!



Stone walls are a time-tested addition to your property, having been built throughout the world for thousands of years. And there's good reason for that! Stone walls are not only beautiful, but they create a clear aura of timeless elegance in your exterior space. You can choose from a wide selection of stone types, colors, or sizes, for a completely custom result.

In addition to aesthetics, stone walls also offer home and business owners an additional level of privacy and security. Depending on how high you want to build the wall, you can completely seclude your property from any neighbors or passers-by. In addition to the stone wall itself, you can increase privacy by adding a custom fence on top of the stone wall. No matter what option you choose, rest assured that building a stone wall is a great investment for your home or business. The are durable and require little maintenance.



Building a classic stone wall is a true craft. Through decades in business and generations of experience, our team specializes in custom stone walls in Fairfield, CT and the entire state. We first begin with a design plan. This includes sitting down with you and developing a comprehensive structure before we begin construction. Here, we do the material selection as well as other aspects such as stone placement and size - according to your specific budget and project requirements. Following plan completion, we will begin the construction process, working quickly and effectively, but never compromising on quality. Crafting each stone wall requires a meticulous attention to detail, and we guarantee all our work to last for years to come.


Rizzo Masonry and Landscaping provides a complete range of services addressing every facet of stone wall construction for residential and commercial clients throughout Fairfield, CT.

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