Stone Walls in Darien, CT

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Searching for the perfect balance between timeless elegance and secluded privacy?
A stone wall is the perfect option!

We specialize in all things masonry - including stone walls in Darien, CT and the surrounding area.
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Stone walls are great additions to any property. Firstly, they look great. Due to the nature of the design, you can create a virtually limitless variety of combinations, sizes and styles. Opting for different stone shapes and sizes will allow you to quickly transform the style of your exterior. In addition to the look, stone walls are also incredibly durable, able to stand up to years of wear, with little maintenance. Lastly, stone walls provide flexible privacy. Depending on the size of wall you choose, you can completely seclude yourself from your neighbors. Additionally, you can add an extended fence on top of any stone wall for enhanced security. Building a stone wall on your property is a great way to improve home value and return on investment.



We're proud to offer professional stone wall services to our valued clients throughout Darien and beyond. We begin each project with a consultation. During this time, our team will sit down with you to understand your project needs and preferences. Here we will guide you on stone selection, size and style. Do you want stones to perfectly fit together? Or do you prefer a more eclectic combination? These are all questions that we can help you with. Once the design has been completed, we begin the construction process. The timeline depends different factors - stone choice, size, budget, etc. We aim to work quickly and effectively, being available for you if you have any questions or concerns. Following completion, we will walk you through the finished product, to ensure it is up to our quality standards.


Rizzo Masonry and Landscaping provides a complete range of services addressing every facet of stone wall construction for residential and commercial clients throughout Darien, CT.

Whether you have a special plan in mind or would like us to design one for you, why not take the first step towards a great project experience by getting in touch with us today? We’re available by phone at 203-644-0316 to answer any questions you may have about our services. If you would like to arrange for a complimentary consultation and estimate for creating stone walls in Darien a reality, please click the button below to provide use with some more information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.