Patios & Walkways in Westport, CT

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Ready to enhance your exteriors?
Love the idea of a seamless transition between your home and yard?
How about a sturdy path to bring you, your family, and visitors safely to the front door?

We do all this and more with our complete professional patios and walkways services in Westport, CT.



Patios are a simple, affordable way to expand your home's livable square footage. There are many options for how you can use this space! This may be creating a stunning outdoor fireplace, to enjoy your exterior even when the weather gets cold. A patio is also the perfect addition to a beautiful outdoor pool. Here, you can create a clean and durable space to dry off and enjoy the sunshine on a summer day. Patios also provide a great space for entertaining, whether it be with an outdoor kitchen, bar or lavish outdoor dining set. Add a protective element such as covering to truly maximize your outdoor possibilities.


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Heavy precipitation, wet weather, and especially snow, can create dangerous conditions going from your driveway to the front door. Let us design and install a custom walkway, to enhance safety not only for you and your family, but for visitors as well. Walkways are also often used by professional landscape architects to create dynamic spaces in your yard, whether it be by leading through a garden, separating a children's play area or leading to other elements such as gazebo. Let our team help you create a stunning walkway in Westport, to be enjoyed for years to come.



Patios and walkways are great additions to your Westport home or business. Not only will they enhance your outdoor space, curb appeal and add value to your property, but also look great doing it! Once you contact us with your project idea, our team will sit down with you to understand exactly what your personal needs and preferences are. We will design a comprehensive plan to reflect your wishes. Once construction begins we ensure complete professionalism, keeping your home clean and tidy, always arriving on time, and keeping volume levels as minimal as possible. Following completion we walk through the finished product with you to guarantee everything is up to our quality standards.


Rizzo Masonry and Landscaping provides a complete range of services addressing every facet of patios and walkways for residential and commercial clients throughout Westport, CT.

Whether you have a special plan in mind or would like us to design one for you, why not take the first step towards a great project experience by getting in touch with us today? We’re available by phone at 203-644-0316 to answer any questions you may have about our services. If you would like to arrange for a complimentary consultation and estimate for creating patios and walkways in Westport a reality, please click the button below to provide use with some more information, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.