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Why Hiring a Hardscaping Professional is the Right Choice for Your Patio Lighting Needs

patio block

Hardscaping refers to the structures, pathways, steps and boundaries that are installed throughout your yard. While these elements are beautiful additions to any home, they typically require specialized lighting to create useable and safe spaces. However, while there are DIY options, a professional in hardscape design is likely more equipped for the lighting installation process.…

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Tips for Your Winter Landscaping Project

If you live in a climate with distinct seasons, it can be easy to forget about your lawn during the winter months. To make sure your plants and trees remain in tact, you should know how to prepare them for harsh elements. Here are a few landscaping tips to help you care for your property…

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Tree Planting Tips for Every Yard


Trees make a beautiful addition to every garden. They provide shade and homes for birds and squirrels and can add height and color to your flowerbeds. If your yard is foliage-free, don’t fret. Tree planting is a quick and simple way to boost your yard or garden.

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3 Uses for Natural Stone in Your Yard

What does your yard look like right now? Maybe it’s nicely manicured and you have a great deck, but the rest of the space looks a little barren. Perhaps you have a pool, but not enough proper space to sit beside it and enjoy it. Natural stone landscaping can come to your rescue.

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Choosing Your Landscaper

Qualities of a Reputable Landscaper Landscaping can be an exciting project, but if you end up with the wrong landscaper, your dreams of a picturesque landscape might not turn out exactly as you were hoping. The best landscaping professionals excel at many skills from friendliness to ability to carry heavy objects. By asking a few…

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Identifying and Fixing Common Chimney Problems

A fireplace provides warmth and ambiance during winter months. However, it can also be a fire hazard if not properly maintained. Therefore, each year you should inspect your chimney. From a safety perspective, the chimney repair must be done appropriately, so hire a masonry professional to look for and fix these five common problems.  

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What is a Property Maintenance Company?

If you are a landlord with a growing number of properties, you may find yourself being called out to do something every waking hour of every day. While you consider yourself handy, you are exhausted running back and forth all day. You are considering selling one or two of the properties just to be done…

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