How to Turn Your Patio Into a Thing of Beauty

The strength and durability of concrete make it a popular and versatile choice for concrete patios. If you’re thinking of redoing your outdoor space or adding something totally new, this time-tested material is worth your consideration.

Concrete is relatively easy to work with and because it can be poured, it can take on the shape of almost any dimensions and design. Your imagination is just about the only limit! It is not, however, foolproof. Things to consider that you might not be aware of include, of course, location, including surface area. Properly preparing the site is critical to having a smooth surface when finished. You’ll save yourself some monster headaches by hiring a professional.

Some things you might want to ask your professional is how long have they been creating concrete patios? Find out if they have any references…places you can go to see their work. Ask about their different ideas in creating the look you are after or any new ideas they might have. Sometimes, you want to change the look of an existing patio – make it bigger, higher or with a different surface. Seeking the advice and help of a professional in these situations is important if you don’t want to end up with a patio that looks like it was attached to a wave machine.

Surfacing concrete patios can be the final piece de resistance. There are many options from which to choose. An aggregate surface will add color and texture. Adding a polish will make is easy to clean, is considered a “green” solution and retards mold. Staining your concrete creates a chemical bond between the concrete and the stain, making it impenetrable. There is hardly any limit to the colors available. Stamping your concrete is a way to create beautiful designs that can be made to resemble brick, stone or wood.  No matter what your ideas and needs might be, there is likely a solution in concrete for your outdoor space!