What to Expect From a Landscaping Designer

A landscape designer is often confused with a landscaper, but their jobs are very different. A designer modifies the existing yard features to create a new aesthetically appealing space. They can also integrate a variety of functional and beautiful elements to add creativity to an existing lawn. By combining nature and art, and choosing between hardscape and softscape, the designer can bridge the outdoor space with the living space in most homes.

Finding out what services the company offers is part of the interview process, and is an important consideration in hiring. It is essential to find a team that offers their services year around. Therefore, when you hire a landscape designer, you can expect to hire a company with all the available yard services from design to maintenance. Additionally, the company may have a list of services available and related prices.

Because designers are specialized artists, many may concentrate in either softscape or hardscape landscaping. Others can offer a combination of both, along with turf installations and garden upkeep. Consider your needs and find a company that offers what you want, now and in the future. This may include fencing, lighting, patios, fountains, and firepits. You may also need walkways, waterfalls, and irrigation systems. Finding a design team that can do it all can save you time and money.

Although landscape designers typically love to create new areas, the maintenance of their designs is important. You may wish to consider a landscape team that tends lawns, kills weeds, controls insects, and changes flowers seasonally. Check to make sure they are available on a regular maintenance schedule once the original design is completed.

When choosing a landscape designer, knowing what you want can save you both time, money, and frustration. It is your home and yard, so make sure you find a design team you can work with for years to come.