Tips for Optimal Lawn Fertilization

Few things are more aesthetically pleasing than a fantastic patch of grass. The key to a beautiful lawn is proper soil upkeep. These lawn fertilization tips can help you maintain a gorgeous yard throughout the year.

Test the Soil

It’s almost impossible to fertilize your lawn effectively if you don’t know what your soil needs. Having your soil tested reveals its pH levels to determine if it’s too acidic. It also tells you which nutrients are low or missing altogether. No matter what season it is, your soil needs adequate amounts of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus to grow a healthy lawn. Other minerals to look for are iron, sulphur and zinc.

Buy the Right Fertilizer

Once you know what your soil needs, you are better equipped to choose the best fertilizer. There are many products on the market that are designed to help with lawn fertilization, but that doesn’t mean that each one will be equally beneficial to your yard. You must decide if you want to buy a synthetic fertilizer or an organic one that thrives in warmer weather. A time-release formula feeds your lawn slowly and consistently, but you have more control over adjustments that need to be made if you use a traditional blend.

Consult a Professional

Proper care of your lawn helps it grow, stay green, resist disease and develop healthy roots. No matter how devoted you are to your lawn and its needs, you can still benefit from the advice and expertise of a professional landscaper. To ensure the best quality care for your yard, consult a professional lawn care specialist to assist with decisions about fertilization and execution of the process.

Lawn fertilization is a fundamental part of ongoing yard care. The best decisions are made when you understand your lawn’s needs and get solid, expert advice on how to meet them.