Upgrading Your Home With an Outdoor Fireplace


Creating a beautiful and inviting outdoor space is a great way to enjoy your home while increasing its value. There are many ways you can upgrade your property, from pools and water features to lush gardens and deluxe patios. However, having an outdoor fireplace installed is a great option for every outdoor space, no matter the size or location. If you’re interested in adding this feature to your property, consider these factors as you plan.

Choose a Fuel Source Option

Typically, you can choose one of three main fuel sources for your outdoor fireplace: wood, gas or biofuel. Wood creates a great atmosphere and can be economical, but can also be messy. Gas is easier to control and can be cost-efficient over time, but it does require more of an upfront investment. Biofuel is a clean and responsible option, but it can be costly and doesn’t offer much of a heat output. Ask a pro which one is right for you.

Pick the Right Location

Next, it’s time to pick the perfect spot for your fireplace. It’s important to settle on a fuel source first, since this will likely influence the location. You’ll want to be sure you have enough space to avoid any potential fire concerns with nearby structures. Otherwise, the sky is the limit.

Consider Your Design and Functionality Options

How do you plan on using your outdoor fireplace? Are you looking for a heat source on chilly nights? Would your family enjoy roasting marshmallows and hotdogs with friends and neighbors? Maybe you’re looking for a statement piece for when you’re entertaining guests. Whatever your intent, there are likely design options that best suit your plans. Talk to a professional who can help you develop the perfect design for your yard.

No matter where you live or the size of your outdoor space, you can add an outdoor fireplace to your home. A professionally installed setup can transform your home and provide entertainment and ambiance for years to come.