Here’s Five Simple Tips to Hire the Best Snow Removal Company at the Lowest Price

Connecticut is an amazing place to live. The quality of life is stellar, and the summers and falls are glorious. Winters are also beautiful, but they do require planning to enjoy them. This certainly includes being ready for snow removal.

However, not all snow removal companies are created equally. Some are more concerned with profit than quality, while others have neither the equipment nor experience to provide good service. Here are five tips to hire the best snow clearing company for the best rate.

  •  Always Ask for a Quote

Any serious contractor will give you a solid quote. Beware of those who avoid a direct answer or who have a reputation for changing their rates without notice. You need a snow removal contractor who’ll meet you in person and explain the charges.

  •  Always Check their Better Business Bureau Rating

The BBB is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring its members provide quality services and products for reasonable rates. While online reviews can sometimes be informative, businesses have been caught reviewing themselves! The BBB takes out the guesswork.

  •  Always Ask About Insurance

Every legitimate company is happy to share information about its insurance. If there’s any hesitation, that should be a huge red flag.

Another issue is having a friend plow your driveway. Unfortunately, friendships have ended because of a disagreement about damage. Plowing is a dangerous occupation, which is why the insurance rates are so high.

  •  Always Hire One With 24/7 Availability

Sometimes, you may need more immediate service for special situations. Also, you want to know you can call with questions or concerns at any time. If something doesn’t meet your satisfaction, it’s good to know a human is available to find a solution.

  •  Never Pay Cash Up Front

Sadly, some scam operations have popped up over the years. The most common may be to offer unbelievable rates if you pay cash up front. Always use an established company and pay by credit card or credit account.

Snow removal can be entirely stress free once you’ve contracted with the right company. They can also help with shoveling walkways, salting and deicing as needed.