Using Stone Pillars in Landscaping

Landscaping can make your yard stand out from all the rest. Stone is a popular material to incorporate in patios and yards. Stone is often made out of a combination of different minerals such as quartz, limestone or sandstone. Here are just a few ways you can use stone pillars in your patio, garden, porch or even driveway. There is no shortage of opportunities when you use stone.

Stone columns are often used at the end of a driveway to mark an entrance. Some people even choose to put lights in each pillar. This can help create a more sophisticated or complete look to your driveway. You can even choose the color and design of the stone you want to implement.

Another common way stone posts are used is to create a pergola that overlooks a garden area or patio. The stone is used on each side to support the weight of the pergola. Some people then choose to add an outdoor patio set underneath the pergola or a swing. It can be a nice place to relax and enjoy the fresh air during any season.

Some homeowners even opt to use stone for columns or colonnades on their front porches. This can add contrast and accentuate your house. There are several different styles and colors of stone you can choose from to use as columns on your porch. It just depends on whether you want narrow or wide columns.

These are just a few ways you can add stone pillars into your overall landscaping, driveway, patio or even your porch. The options are close to limitless when it comes to using stone. If you want a nice, sleek appearance in some part of your yard, then you may want to consider using stone posts or columns. As you can see, how you want to use stone is largely based on personal preference.