Hardscaping Your Outdoor Areas

When it comes to creating a beautiful area for your yard, a hardscaping renovation can do wonders in making your property feel like a new place. While you may have an idea for what the final product will look like, this is not a project to take lightly and requires careful planning and appropriate installation. A qualified masonry contractor can help you with both steps.

Finding Balance in Your Design

Before you start pouring concrete, you should consider planning and designing what your area will look like. One of the most important aspects of a hardscaping renovation is finding an appropriate balance between greenery and masonry. This means that the concrete or brick walkways should look as if they are naturally placed. A jarring walkway distracts the eye and disrupts the overall feeling of your property.

Ideally, you should have the elements of your design curve with the terrain that is present in your yard. Utilizing the shrubs and trees as natural focal points when positioning your walkways and patios can help create a relaxed and peaceful scene. If this sounds intimidating, a professional design and construction company can help you create your own outdoor paradise.

Implementing Your Hardscape Plan

After you feel satisfied with your hardscaping design, the next step is installation. You should begin your renovation by evacuating and leveling the area. Failing to properly level the ground can create drainage problems in the future.

Once evacuated, it’s time to fill the base layer. Utilizing a limestone mix, the base is installed in two-inch layers until you’ve reached a height of six inches. Creating sturdy layers lessens the chance of your patio settling over time and helps with proper drainage.

After your limestone base has been installed, it’s time to lay the stone. Purchasing extra materials can save additional trips to the store in the event of breakage. After the stone is laid, the edging process can begin. These long, plastic pieces help hold the stone into place.

Starting any hardscaping renovation can be a big commitment in time and resources. That’s why it’s important to seek help from professional contractors. These businesses can help you turn your plans into a concrete reality by doing the labor intensive and precision work for you.