4 Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Driving down the road in any neighborhood, you will see some lawns that are emerald green, others that are covered in dead spots, and still other grassy areas that are nearly yellow. How is it that some blades are strong, healthy, and beautiful, while other homeowners have yards filled with trouble lawns that won’t stay green? Here are four lawn care tips to help you keep a healthy, beautiful grassy yard using spring lawn care tips.

  1. Dead Removal
    One of the first things any lawn care service will do in the spring is to remove all the leaves, dead grasses, and other debris that may be cluttering your yard. If you have a bagged lawnmower, you can go over the area once or twice to make sure all the dead areas are gone. The clippings make exceptional compost or garden fertilizer, so feel free to spread them around.

  2. Lawn Rolling
    Lawn rolling is a complicated procedure used to even out the level of your yard. Moles, water, and plant roots can all push the grass up and make uneven areas that make mowing difficult and unsafe. A very heavy roller is moved in three or four directions over the grassy area to even the ground out.

  3. Overgrown Removal
    Dethatching is an important step in making sure your spring lawn has enough air, water, and nutrients. Your spring lawn care service may remove the dead clippings of grass when the technicians remove leaves, but many take the time to provide this extra step after the lawn is rolled to ensure proper dethatching.

  4. Hole Punching
    Aeration is critical for healthy lawn growth and must be done with care if you have a watering system close to the surface in your yard. The machine uses long spikes that thrust themselves into the ground as your lawn care service pushes it along and that allows air and water to get to the roots of your grass.

If you have any questions about spring lawn care routines, check with your lawn care company. With the proper care, your lawn will be emerald green all summer long.