3 Uses for Natural Stone in Your Yard

What does your yard look like right now? Maybe it’s nicely manicured and you have a great deck, but the rest of the space looks a little barren. Perhaps you have a pool, but not enough proper space to sit beside it and enjoy it. Natural stone landscaping can come to your rescue.

Create a Poolside Oasis


What could look more beautiful next to your pristine in-ground pool than a gorgeous stone patio? Use stones of all the same color to create a modern and minimalist design or add splashes of colorful stones to add to the wow factor. Don’t forget to buy some matching outdoor furniture and a nice grill to complete your poolside hangout.


Protect Your Lawn


Who says your natural stone landscaping can’t be as functional as it is beautiful? If you live in an area where there are a lot of hills, you may find that your lawn sees too much water runoff during the rainy season. By creating a stone retaining wall where the runoff occurs, you can protect your lawn and any plants you have as well as add a gorgeous point of interest.


Build Stone Walkways


Even if you don’t have a stone driveway, walkways from the car to the front door, around you home and to the most-loved parts of your yard will add a functional way to navigate the space while still looking gorgeous. You might even consider adding a space with an old-fashioned park bench, gazebo or koi pond for some serenity.


No matter which type of natural stone landscaping you decide to enjoy, always hire a professional contracting company that specializes in stone to construct your project. This ensures it is professionally done and safe to use. Look for online reviews and ask for a portfolio or references before signing a contract. Don’t forget to verify licenses.

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