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What is a Property Maintenance Company?


If you are a landlord with a growing number of properties, you may find yourself being called out to do something every waking hour of every day. While you consider yourself handy, you are exhausted running back and forth all day. You are considering selling one or two of the properties just to be done dealing with the calls. The only thing is the renters in those homes are reliable and will provide real income to you and your family over the next couple of years. When it comes to trying to care for multiple properties, consider engaging the services of a property maintenance company to shoulder some of the responsibilities.


What Services Do They Provide?

Maintenance issues vary from home to home. Some fundamental problems come up more often than others. In general, a property maintenance company provides care and necessary maintenance inside and out. They can tackle a varying degree of services from bathroom repair to floor replacement. If you are looking for someone to go around to your different homes and perform troubleshooting, repair, and upkeep, a company such as this may be the best solution to your problem.


Do They Care for the Yard?

Depending on the company you engage determines the degree of services they provide. Most property maintenance companies do in fact handle landscaping maintenance. If you need specific projects completed in the yard, like sod replacement, paver stone installation or screen repair on a back porch, ask. Many companies can tailor a plan to accommodate every need you have. That’s the key. Sit down with the company of your choosing and draw up a basic contract of services they are to perform and the frequency at which they do them.


Taking care of your rental properties is an integral part of your family’s livelihood. By engaging the services of a professional property maintenance company, you may be paying for services but gaining time and peace of mind in the process. These days with hours worked on the rise and time away from family also rising right along with it, every minute gained is worth the expense.