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How to Remodel a Fireplace with Stone Veneer


In certain homes, a fireplace is located in the living room where you can entertain your family, guests or even just yourself in one room. It can be a source of warmth in the winter or simply a nice way to add style to your home. If you’re remodeling, your fireplace may be a good place to start. There are typically a large number of design options for you to choose from such as stone veneer. Here are a few remodeling tips you may want to use if you remodel your fireplace.


With a variety of designs for you to choose from, you will be able to make a fireplace that fits the desired style and tone of your unique home. Some of these stone styles may have a rustic, vintage, contemporary or country look. It is typically considered to be important to determine the look you want before selecting materials or hiring professionals, like Rizzo Masonry & Landscaping. Your style may influence the architecture and types of stone veneer you’ll want to use. It is often a good idea to request samples of the stone you’re considering, so you can see how the color and texture will fit in with the rest of your home.


One way you can make the remodeling process easier is to have your mantel prepared before you start to remodel. This is especially important if you’re getting a new mantel installed. Not only is this one less thing you have to worry about, it may help the people you hire do the job with more efficiency. Placing a mantel on after a fireplace is finished can be difficult, because the person remodeling it may have to cut it while it’s on the wall.


Overall, remodeling your fireplace with stone veneer can be an excellent way to add style to your home. It can add a warm feeling to your home, even when it’s not lit.