Updating the Look and Feel of Your Home With Landscape Design


Changing your home’s exterior can be achieved with a few simple landscaping touches. A professional landscaper should be able to integrate the architectural style of your house with the bushes, lawn, trees and other natural features. Adding modern stonework to the landscape, or even to the exterior of the house itself, is another great way to rejuvenate your home.


An expert landscaper will likely want to take the big picture into account when planning the overall design of the property. A professional may suggest segmenting areas with stone walkways as a way to make parts of your yard more accessible. There may be fantastic opportunities to add lighting to patios and paths. Landscaping can incorporate design elements that add classy and elegant features, such as retaining walls and stone walls to add privacy to outdoor eating areas. Feel free to play around with built-in grilling stations, brick ovens and fire pits. Updated chimneys and fireplaces can add a clean look to the outside and inside of your house. Other home exterior ideas include fresh driveway makeovers and stone pillars for an inviting touch.  


Make sure to pick native species that will thrive in your current climate. A common pitfall is choosing plants based on their appearance alone, but not taking into consideration that they may not survive a harsh winter or an extra dry environment. An expert in your area should be able to help determine the best foliage to choose for your project. Once a project is finished, you’ll want to maintain that look through regular maintenance, including lawn mowing, weeding, aerating, trimming, and mulching.


A newly landscaped yard can refresh the overall appeal of your home, making it a more desirable place to spend time, but also adding to its resale value. The right landscaping service can offer expertise in stone masonry, lawn care, design, planting, and maintenance.